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5 Tips for Laying a Patio in Macclesfield

Garden design is an intricate and rewarding process, transforming and personalising your hub into the wonders of the natural world. Laying and designing a patio can really increase the personalisation of your property and even increase its value on the market.

Garden Design & Patio Laying Tips

Presentation is an amazing aspect within garden design, a grand patio design will impress guests and also allow a safe environment for children to play in. But what aspects should you consider when you are considering laying a patio in your garden? We have a vast array of patio designs and features here at Bowland Stone in Macclesfield and here are some tips to design the perfect patio space!

1.  Use our Bowland Patio Generator 

Our Bowland Patio Generator is specifically designed to allow you to personalise and envision your perfect patio design for your garden. The Bowland Stone Patio Generator creates bespoke paving designs so you can quickly see how your garden will be transformed, allowing you to easily create intricate and personalised designs. For more information on our Bowland Stone Patio Generator you can read our article about it here.

2.  Choose a design that compliments your House

Aesthetics are extremely important in interior design and they are just as important in exterior design. Often uniform designs that match the stone of your house create an extremely aesthetically pleasing effect due to symmetry. However in other cases opposites attract and a considerably different patio design can look extremely effective if it contrasts the stones in your house. Every house is individual and also is personal taste but it is important to consider whether it is better to make your patio reflect your house or if you envision it as its own little area that is separate from the rest of your household. 

3.  Consider Additional Features to your Patio

There are a wide range of other features that you can include into your patio design that aren’t just a patio. You can include a wide range of aggregates and landscaping essentials. Here at Bowland Stone in Macclesfield we stock a wide array of aggregates and landscaping essentials and these are often the finishing touches to a beautiful patio arrangement. Aggregates will offer interesting features; polished pebbles, chippings, crushed glass and cobbles can all contribute to new areas of the patio garden. Polished pebbles for example make an excellent addition to a pond area. Our land escaping essentials also offer more depth to your garden patio design, water features can brighten and sophisticate your garden area along with aggregates to create a beautiful garden space. 

4.  Be as Creative or as Minimalist as you Want

Your garden is your personal space to relax, so you should make it exactly how you want it. When considering your design you should be free to create whatever look you feel is interesting. If you want a lavish and extravagant patio garden with beautiful displays then you should definitely create this sort of design but if you prefer a more simple uniform design then this design is still wonderful! Sometimes minimalist patio designs compliment households extremely well so it is important to create a patio garden that’s customised by you and for you.

5.  Create a Garden Design that you Love

The most important thing of all is that you love the patio space that you create for your garden. The garden and garden design is a vital part of the home that becomes extremely important in the summer time. If you plan and carry out a well thought out design then you will only enhance your household further and increase your love for your home. Garden design and patio design and installation is an amazing way to personalise your house whilst also adding a lovely space within your garden area. 

If you are interested in creating your dream patio design for your garden then do not hesitate to contact Bowland Stone in Macclesfield or contact us on 0162 557 4634


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